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“Could your overeating be emotional?
''  How much do your emotions affect your eating?

“It is a fact that nutrition, beyond satisfying the stomach, also nourishes the soul. But one thing that is true is that the way to nourish the soul is not through food. Is your body hungry in the fast flow of life? Or is it your soul? It is very difficult for many people to distinguish this. Those who are hungry get fat as they eat, their physical and mental health deteriorates as they get fat, and then it's a vicious cycle. Dietitian Burcu Tunç and Clinical Psychologist Nuray Sarp Kulkara meet with you, the readers, in this book to nourish both your body and your soul. I really enjoyed reading the book. While Dietitian Burcu Tunç, who says "Feed Your Eyes", guides you to get to know your body and your diet, on the other hand, Clinical Psychologist Nuray Sarp Kulkara, who says "Feed Your Heart", shows you the ways to feed your soul and emotions. Based on the definition of "Health is a state of being physically and mentally well", if you want to feed your health, not your stomach, this book should take its place on your bedside and you should feel by heart that you are not alone in this journey.


Prof.Dr.Murat Baş (Acibadem University

Head of Nutrition and Dietetics Department)

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