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Ulaş K. , 43, App Designer

With the pandemic process, I gained weight quickly in a short time and decided to consult Ms. Burcu. I started to implement the programs he suggested, without leaving my habits out with him. At the end of three months, I both reached my target weight and my long-standing reflux complaint disappeared and my quality of life improved significantly. Now I know what to eat, how not to eat and how to stay healthier. Thank you very much to him.

Kübra G. , 41, Housewife

When the existence of different food intolerances combined with the very limited social and physical life I lived during the pandemic, I started to experience health problems. With this negative effect, my weight, which I tried to keep within a certain range, continued to increase.  The drug count began to increase. That's when my path with my dear Burcu Hanım crossed by chance. While I was researching what to eat healthy and delicious on YouTube, I wanted to try the series menus he prepared, so I first met his recipes. After saying one or two, as I realized that it was suitable for my taste, I continued to do it without thinking about what to eat. But I needed more so I contacted him.  

When we met, what I wanted most was to regain my health, reduce my medication and lose a little weight. Because I could only lose a little weight for 4-5 years and I accepted it as normal. At the end of four magical months, I was back to my old self, which I thought was a dream, and I started to wear all my clothes again, even though I gave up hope. Better still, I learned that my values were getting better at my doctor's control, and despite the times spent with multi-vitamin deficiency and lots of supplements, all of them are now back to normal.  

In the process, I learned many delicious recipes from him, smoothies that made noticeable changes not only in my body but even in my skin, and simple but delicious snacks that made me ashamed of the times when I thought life without sweets was meaningless.  

I was neither bored nor bored during the time between my little goal and getting rid of all my excesses without getting bored. In fact, when Ms. Burcu said let's start protecting, "Is that all?" I was used to saying. Now I believe that I can continue this habit with the self-motivated self-confidence he gives, and I know that I can reach his help and friendship when I am stuck or have difficulties.  

Kübra G.☘️

Oya G. , 43, Finance Specialist

I am 43 years old. My process with Burcu Tunç is as follows. I lost weight by eating healthy myself for a while. However, when I wore my bikini, the oils on my back caught my attention and I was uncomfortable. I fell from 58 kilos to 55.5 kg, but the general fat image bothered me and at this point I remembered the posts of Ms. Burcu; He shared the progress of the Danish people who lost weight from fat. I also wanted to lose weight from fat. I was already cooking and eating your recipes with great love. I bought a diet online from him. He made a video call and sent my list after the first call. The way you organize the list suits your lifestyle and demands. For example, I had 6 meals in total because I woke up at 5.30 and ate frequently. I gave 700 gr in the first week. The next week, 300 gr. At this stage, my back fat and waist fat have decreased a lot. By the way, I would like to state that I have been in menopause for 2.5 years. There was, of course, a general thinning. He shared a preservation list during the holiday period, and there was dessert on my list. At the end of a month, I lost a total of 1.5 kg and dropped to 54 kg. Now I continue with my new protection list shared by Ms. Burcu. I feel light and healthy. Thanks.  

spring  HE. , 39, Instructor

We are all exposed to a lot of information every day about how to eat healthy. We know more or less what we should and should not do. But we expect to be mentally and emotionally ready to recover from certain eating behaviors that harm us. However, this complicated situation is made much easier by getting help from a professional. After listening to your eating habits and lifestyle, Ms. Burcu makes a meal planning, from the snacks you will carry with you to what you can eat on a sudden out-of-town trip. This sense of control and discipline gradually becomes your way of thinking. In addition to creating that discipline, Ms. Burcu also teaches a flexible and alternative diet, step by step, with Instagram posts, alternative food lists, nutritional value tables. I would like to thank him very much for doing his job with such seriousness, care and love and motivating me with patience. 
Merthan M. , 25, Athlete
From the day I met Ms. Burcu, my life was in order. It really helped me a lot. He taught me that what I eat and why I eat will make me feel better. While you are trying to pay attention to your eating, you have to pay attention to your sleeping pattern, in fact, the more you take care of your diet, the better it makes you feel, in short, they are all chained to each other and the sign controls it well.
Zeynep G., 51, Doctor

Dear Burcu Hanım,

I laugh to myself when I remember the first day I came to you. ''I have no intention; but I still wish I could lose weight, eat and drink whatever I want, but still miraculously make me weak I think I even slightly reflected my disbelief on you.  With this feeling, on our first day, I took a lot of your time, yet you listened to me patiently.

You have arranged a diet that is very suitable for my lifestyle and habits. You made my diet better by asking my opinion at every meeting and even asking what I miss to eat. Even when I said "I want chips", you found a solution and added color to my life.  

I don't know if there is a dietitian in this country who uses the word "or" so much on his list; but I liked your ''or'' the most. Tired of bread, or bagels, or popcorn, or corn flakes, or a quarter bun.

Of course, all this does not mean that you have met my every ridiculous request; When appropriate, you have often managed to deceive me with an extremely clever list instead of "that", which I was eagerly waiting for, laughing out loud saying "Oh, do you want him".

As a result, I reached my target weight in a short time thanks to you.

Thank you very much for your patience and especially your smile.

Yours sincerely

DUYGU T. , 24, Textile
Ms. Burcu is one of the best in my life. Before I met him, I was very unhappy with my situation. I was not happy in any of the clothes I wore. I wasn't on good terms with the scale, I didn't even know my weight. Yes, I was not very overweight, but I was in the weight and appearance I had never been in my life. I lost 15 kilograms and went from 38 to 32-34. No one who sees me can believe and recognize me. This is a great happiness and pride. Bread, rice, pasta etc. Everyone thinks that I lose weight by not eating, but it's not like that. I ate everything I wanted, but I still eat it. It turned out how dirty and malnourished I was. It turned out how much I was hurting and torturing my body. Thanks to Ms. Burcu, I learned how to lose weight in a healthy way and eat right. In fact, you can eat whatever you want, the important thing is to balance what and what, how much and when to eat. Burcu Hanım kept me on the road again with her calmness, warmth and experience at the point where I would give up many times. Don't say you can't do it, believe in yourself and definitely meet Ms. Burcu, first change your diet and include sports in your life, you will not believe it and continue on that path. Here again, I thank him immensely.
HATİCE Ş. , 28, Not working
I am a food lover. I have been involved in sports for years. Everyone says I'm not too overweight. I thought so too. I didn't pay attention to what I ate. I used to think that I burned myself when I exercised. But day by day I started to get fat. I tried to avoid it with my own efforts. I applied alternative diets on the internet, quit. I applied heavier sports programs, I could not reach my body to the image I wanted. I decided to get support and applied to Ms. Burcu. There were many wrongs that we knew were right. I've gone too far in a very short time when I fit the lists. I lost the kg in the areas that I said I could never lose. I started to tell everyone around me that nutrition is a subject that definitely needs support.
ZEYNEP C. ,  23, Banker 
It was quite by chance that I met Burcu Hanım. Actually, I wasn't hopeful at all. I was extremely fond of sweets and pastries. Eating and tasting from the tip was impossible for me. I couldn't do without eating anyway. Ms. Burcu taught me to eat right and eat in moderation. I actually learned how to literally eat. Before I learned to eat regularly, I used to wear size 40, now I wear size 36. I still can't believe it myself. I am really pleased with the support he has given me that I cannot thank him enough. If you have a little desire and Ms. Burcu with you, I think you can do it.
DİLEK T. ,  30, Teacher  
Thanks to Ms. Burcu, I lost 15 kilos in 6 months and fell to 56 kilos when I was a 71 kilo person who believed that he could not diet and never remember himself as weak. I, who can find a way to escape in any situation where restrictions exist, could not find a way to escape from Ms. Burcu while dieting. Jokes aside; If it wasn't for his controlled attitude, I would definitely quit dieting. Thanks to the diet lists he created by taking into account the weight I lost every week and asking about the things I liked, I did not go hungry, and I also enjoyed losing weight consciously. I have to admit, "How did you lose weight, what did you eat?" It gave me a different pleasure to watch their confused expressions when I told people who asked, “I ate chocolate, I ate ice cream, I ate bread, I also ate rice”. Not to mention the new flavors and recipes it brought to my food culture. When I was a person who hated being weighed, as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, I breathed next to the scale. I can say that the cold war between us and the scale has turned into a close friendship thanks to Ms. Burcu. One of the most important factors in losing weight is that he patiently answers every question I ask and constantly motivates me. Although it has been 5 months since I quit the diet, I have not regained the weight I lost. Since I have learned to eat healthy and proper nutrition, I manage to maintain my form by eating what I want. I don't want to talk about my self-confidence, which hits the ceiling when I hear those who say, "Oh, how weak you are, I didn't recognize you".
KUBILAY Y., 21, Student


Hi I'm Kubilay,


I want to share my weight loss story with you.


I have been struggling with excess weight for a very long time. Fast food, frozen food, pastries and a sedentary lifestyle played a big part in this.

And my biggest mistake was not admitting that I was overweight.

Even though my family and friends always warned me about my excess weight, I didn't pay much attention.


I was 21 years old and weighed 104 kilograms, nothing I wore suited me, I looked 10 years older than my age and it was time to put an end to this situation.

Of course at this stage  I had to get help. I decided to go to a dietitian on the advice of my mother.

I was determined. I would lose weight.  


I started dieting. Two weeks later, when I went to my doctor for a check-up, I lost 4 kilos, which excited me and increased my determination.

I lost 27 kilos with healthy eating in 4 months. Now I am thin and healthy. 

My two biggest helpers in losing weight were my mother and my dietitian, Burcu Hanım.


Many people think of dieting as not eating. He thinks the less I eat, the faster and more weight I lose. 

That's what I thought, too, until I went to a dietitian. 

There are things we can teach our brain when losing weight.  












I've thought about these throughout my diet.  


The second thing we need to do is to have a strong will.

I have never strayed from my dietitian's recommended menu.


I would also like to talk a little about how I feed during my diet.


First of all, I definitely did not consume ready-made foods, acidic beverages, ready-made fruit juices, sugar, pastries, very fatty foods.

I consumed the amount of bread recommended by my dietitian.


Except for the foods I mentioned above and the foods that we can call unhealthy, I consumed everything in accordance with the recommendations of my dietitian. 

If you say I can't be this regular, how can I be a follower, don't worry, your dietitian will arrange everything.


Yes, I paid attention to my diet, but this alone is not enough for a healthy life, it is absolutely necessary to do sports. I exercised regularly. Sports are now part of my life. You don't have to go to the gym, it's enough to walk or run for 1 hour at any time of the day.


If I have a healthy and beautiful body now, I owe it to my dietitian Ms. Burcu.  


My advice to anyone who reads my article and wants a healthy life is to consult a specialist. Because neither the diets you will apply on your own, nor a diet program you will find on the Internet or the advice of the people around you will be useful.

BURCU A. , 29, Banker


Hello Mrs. Burcu,


Before, I wasn't feeding my stomach, I was feeding the beast inside me. Thank you so much for teaching me how to eat and making me feel so good. I lost weight and I maintain my ideal weight, glad to have you.

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