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Are you open? are you back?

Besides being a physical need that keeps people alive, eating also has a strong connection with emotion and learning. If we want to solve eating problems and make a difference in our lives, we must be aware of our own thoughts and feelings. We must deal with these thoughts and feelings and support them with new learning.  


In the first part, the feed your eyes, what you need to know about nutrition and the nutritional methods you need to apply in overeating behavior are explained. In the "Feel Your Heart" section, you will learn the relationship between emotions and eating, and you will benefit from the techniques used to change emotions and thoughts.


I would like to remind you that you should take this book as a guide and get help for the points you cannot solve.

Author: Dietitian Burcu Tunç, Exp. Ps. Nuray Sarp Kulkara

Publisher: Tin (Psyche) Publications


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