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Healthy Living Advice

You don't have to take a walk at dusk or just eat a salad every day to be healthy. With a few small changes, you can feel healthier, happier and more energetic. 12 tips for a healthy life:

1) move for 30 minutes
Walk, jump rope, swim, run, bike or exercise for 30 minutes every day. You will feel your mind, body and waist area relax.

2) Prioritize getting enough sleep
The more you neglect your sleep, the worse your health will be. Take care to sleep 6-9 hours a day to reduce the risk of disease, lose weight, and feel energetic during the day.

3) Drink water
You can calculate your daily water requirement by multiplying your weight by 30.

4) Eat consciously
Eating slowly is important for being aware of what you're eating and enjoying your meal. When considering what to eat, choose healthy food alternatives.

5) Count your steps
Try to reach 10,000 steps a day with the pedometer application you will download to your phone.

6) Add greenery
Add greens to everything you eat. Greens have zero calories and make you feel better by boosting your digestion.

7) Think positive
Get rid of negative thoughts for a day or an hour. Stretching exercises can help.

8) Nuts are snacks
Instead of empty-calorie potato chips or biscuits, choose nuts for snacks. Nuts keep you full for a long time and help slimming in the waist area.

9) stand up
Sitting all the time raises blood pressure, negatively affecting your health. Make sure to stand up whenever you can.

10) Remove carbonated drinks
Fizzy drinks, including diet products, adversely affect health. Opt for flavored water instead of carbonated drinks.

11) Preliminary preparation
This Sunday, slice fruit and vegetables and put them in the closet. It's a snack during the week.

12) Apply the 80/20 rule
Eat healthy 80% of the day. Eat a balanced diet by avoiding 20%.

For Healthy Nutrition

How Should Portion Sizes Be?


What you eat is important for a healthy and balanced diet. When it comes to weight loss or weight maintenance, how much you eat becomes as important as what you eat. In the table below, visuals that will help you consume the foods you use in daily life in the right amount are exemplified. Consuming food in these portion sizes for a healthy diet both meets your daily needs and makes it easier to calculate what you eat.


1 serving amounts of foods:


Apple: Baseball (Slightly larger than a tennis ball)

Bread: Cassette

Dark chocolate: floss box

Butter: Postage stamp

Cereal: Tennis ball

Potato: Computer mouse

Pisces: Checkbook

Steak: iPhone 4

Vegetable: Punch

Salad dressing: Shot glass


When you start eating according to these healthy portion sizes, you will both consume the right foods and be nourished in the right amount.

Basic Elements of Weight Loss


The basic elements of losing weight consist of items that will always work for you and that you can apply whenever you have difficulty in losing weight. If you want to lose weight and haven't started dieting yet, now is the time to start!


Step 1: Try to Walk Every Morning


WEEK 1: Determine your walking route and try to increase your speed every day. Improve your gait by walking every day for 1 week. At the end of a week, make sure your walk is brisk and no longer than 10 minutes.


You should start jogging after the first week.




First 3 days: 1 minute jogging, 2 minutes walking. 10-15 reps


Last 3 days: 2 minutes jogging, 2 minutes walking. 10-15 reps


7th day: Rest day




First 3 days: 3 minutes jogging, 2 minutes walking. 10 reps


Last 3 days: 3 minutes jogging, 1 minute walking. 10 reps


7th day: Rest day




First 3 days: 3 minutes jogging, 1 minute walking. 15 reps


Last 3 days: 4 minutes jogging, 1 minute walking. 10 reps


7th day: Rest day




5 minutes jogging, 1 minute walking. 7-8 reps


At the end of 5 weeks, you can create your own program. You can continue walking with increasing repetitions or at the same pace.

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