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Hello there, 

Welcome to my balanced nutrition page.

I'm Dietitian Burcu Tunc. I graduated from Hacettepe University Nutrition and Dietetics Department in 2006. about 10  As a clinical dietitian for years, I have had the opportunity to work with many people in various organizations. When I looked at my clients' dietary histories, I saw restriction, expectations of rewards and rewards for dieting, feelings of guilt, and lack of confidence. People misinterpret "don't diet".


I started this site to share my experiences with nutrition. You can follow my current articles on my blog.

“The role of what we eat in healthy eating is half the story. The other half is who we are as consumers.”


Dietary Psychology

Nutrition psychology is the bridge between nutrition and psychology. Personal and emotional assessments are made regarding weight loss, body composition, energy and fatigue, immune system, emotional problems, digestive system concerns, trigger eating difficulties, and nutritional health problems.

Diseases & Nutrition

A healthy diet means consuming the right amounts of all food groups to lead a healthy life.  A good diet is a diet that promotes healthy living. .

Weight Control

The reason the diet is so popular is because it works. In order to achieve success, it is as important as losing weight to maintain the lost weight. For this, goal setting, reaching the goal in a certain strategy and  Maintaining habits is the 3 basic steps of losing weight.

“Could your overeating be emotional?
''  How much do your emotions affect your eating?

“It is a fact that nutrition, beyond satisfying the stomach, also nourishes the soul. But one thing that is true is that the way to nourish the soul is not through food. Is your body hungry in the fast flow of life? Or is it your soul? It is very difficult for many people to distinguish this. Those who are hungry get fat as they eat, their physical and mental health deteriorates as they get fat, and then it's a vicious cycle. Dietitian Burcu Tunç and Clinical Psychologist Nuray Sarp Kulkara meet with you, the readers, in this book to nourish both your body and your soul. I really enjoyed reading the book. While Dietitian Burcu Tunç, who says "Feed Your Eyes", guides you to get to know your body and your diet, on the other hand, Clinical Psychologist Nuray Sarp Kulkara, who says "Feed Your Heart", shows you the ways to feed your soul and emotions. "Health is a state of being physically and mentally well"  If you want to feed your health, not your stomach, this book should take its place on your bedside and you should feel that you are not alone in this journey. ''


Prof.Dr.Murat Baş (Acibadem University

Head of Nutrition and Dietetics Department)


It was quite by chance that I met Burcu Hanım. Actually, I wasn't hopeful at all. I am extremely fond of sweets and pastries... .
Hi I'm Kubilay,

I want to share my weight loss story with you.

I have been struggling with excess weight for a very long time.

While he was a 71 kilo person who believed that he could not diet in life and did not remember himself as weak, he lost 15 kilos in 6 months... .




Main course


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